• Cloosiv

Cloosiv 3.0

We've re-designed the Cloosiv app a few times, but Cloosiv 3.0 is the biggest update we've ever pushed and we're excited to share it with you! In addition to improved layouts across all Apple and Android devices, this update includes:

📱 A re-designed homepage with one-click access anywhere

📬 Access to your own inbox for messaging

⭐️ Simplified rewards to show exactly when you'll unlock a new discount

📷 Cover photos for each location

🚗 The option to select your commute

This update improves the usability of the app, and we hope that you find it easy to navigate and fun to use. Feel free to share your feedback, we're always working hard to make your experience even better! Download from the Apple App Store

Download from the Google Play Store